Friday, 29 January 2010

Jenn Ashworth and Jo Bell are hitting the road (in a small way) in Spring 2010 with a show called Too Much Information.

Visiting venues mainly in the NW of England, we will be reading from Jenn's twisted, darkly funny short stories and Jo's wry poetry, including tales of dirty sailors and dead people. We can promise thought-provoking, amusing and entertaining words. There will be inflatable chairs - for us, at least - and possibly cake (for everyone).

Already we know that we will be at Kendal's Brewery Arts Centre on April 14th, at Hexham Book Festival on April 30th, and in Birmingham on May 29th!

About us...

Jo Bell is the author of Navigation, a collection which she hopes 'takes the po-faced out of poetry.' Her poetry is accomplished but accessible: dark, funny and with a cynical view on sex, archaeology and boating.

Jenn Ashworth is the author of feted novel A Kind of Intimacy, whose 'morbidly obese, lonely and hopeful' anti-heroine stalks through the book and into the reader's subconscious. Her short stories are equally compelling - funny, well observed and irresistible.

Come back soon for more information about the making of, tour dates, sneak-previews of the work and more...